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TinkerKit - LAB

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The Lab kit is a complete pack of different TinkerKit Modules and Arduino accessories to kickstart your school's Lab.

The Lab kit consists in 10 Sensor Shield V.2, 10 Arduino Uno Boards, every kind of sensors and actuators in different quantities, 2 Ethernet Shields, 10 Proto PCBs, 5 Kit Workshop Without Arduino and a copy of "Getting Started With Arduino" by Massimo Banzi.

Part list

    * Arduino Uno Board x10
    * Proto PCB x10
    * 15mm Strip 6 and 8 ways x10
    * strip 40x1 x4
    * Kit Workshop Base Level Without Arduino Board x5
    * Ethernet Shield x2
    * Getting Started With Arduino x1
    * Sensor Shield V.2 x10
    * Button Module x4
    * LDR Module x2
    * Tilt Module x2
    * Therm Module x2
    * Accelerometer Module x3
    * Hall Sensor x4
    * Rotary Potentiometer Module x5
    * Linear Potentiometer Module x4
    * Touch Sensor Module x5
    * Joystick Module x5
    * Relay Module x5
    * Mosfet Module x5
    * High Power Led Module x2
    * 5mm Green Led Module x2
    * 5mm Yellow Led Module x2
    * 5mm Red Led Module x2
    * 10mm Green Led Module x2
    * 10mm Blue Led Module x2
    * 10mm Yellow Led Module x2
    * 10mm Red Led Module x2
    * 20cm Cables x20
    * 50cm Cables x10
    * 100cm Cables x5
    * Usb Cables A/B x10


  • Model: K000005
  • Shipping Weight: 4.253Kg
  • Origin: Italy

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